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Jul 11, 2011 6:00pm EDT
if you see him. >>> and also, brooke ashley olup was last seen at her home on july 8th. charles county detectives believe she may have left willingly with a 19-year-old friend. if you know anything about this, contact the charles county sheriff's office. >>> in fairfax county, 38 vandals -- cars vandalized on one -- in one night. fairfax county police are still looking for the vandals. damage is estimated to be almost $800,000. lesly? all right. thank you for the update. >>> coming up -- astronauts aboard "atlantis" got some good news about their final spacewalk. we'll have the details. >>> a limited time offer from the government could help save your mom but you have to act fast to apply. it's a $50,000 forgivable bridge program to help you pay your mortgage, tax and insurance bills for two years. you have to be unemployed or underemployed due to a job loss or serious illness. you have to apply by july 22nd. that's next thursday. if you live in maryland, virginia or west virginia, you are eligible. go to or call 855-346-3445. you will find all of this information, plu
Jul 18, 2011 6:00pm EDT
, rebecca brooks. she was arrested over the weekend in all of this. also scheduled to testify, owner rupert murdoch and son, james. >>> the former south african president turned 93 today. president obama calls mandella a beacon. >> hot today, but what you're telling us, anny, it's nothing compared to what is coming. >> it may feel like 115 by the end of the week. we have been warning you that models are still holding true and they are saying it's going to be really hot. crazy hot by the latter half of the week. here's a look at our current conditions right now where temperatures are in the upper 80s in arlington. downtown is 91. college park 91. we are starting to cool off a little bit here. sterling, you're coming in at 90. and reston, 86 degrees. here's a look at doppler radar. we is have a cold front coming through. along it, firing off showers and thunderstorms in pennsylvania. that is left heading to the south later tonight, overnight, and really into tomorrow. so, muggy and cloudy tonight. showers and storms for tuesday, they will be scattered around the entire area. grab your umbre
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2